Facebook has a whopping 1.65 billion monthly active users as of 31 March 2016. Instagram, on the other hand, has just surpassed the 400-million user mark. These massive numbers should be enough to convince startups and big and mid-sized businesses that these digital platforms are the ideal place to boost engagement, grow followers, and optimise overall social media marketing strategy. Digital market research firms like eMarketer consistently provides reports of these social media channels’ increasing ad revenues. Additionally, no other sites generate as much referral traffic as Facebook. And Instagram’s evolving advertising platform empowers brands to increase their marketing efforts. How can you make the most out of these social media channels to improve engagement and raise brand awareness? Read on.

Effective strategies that drive engagement on Facebook and Instagram


  • Post questions or images on your business page. Captivate your audience with a thought-provoking trivia or question that will have them typing comments and expressing reactions in no time. Another surefire way to drive more interactions is to regularly post eye-catching images for a better chance of dominating Facebook’s or Instagram’s algorithm.
  • Be aware of the significance of social media analytics in monitoring your progress and providing social network analysis. People always say that you can’t argue with numbers. By using social media analytics and data management tools, you’ll be able to understand the performance of your brand through the use of Instagram or Facebook analytics You can also identify your target consumer’s needs and know their take on your product or service through accurate social media statistics and marketing reports. Brands on Facebook or Instagram need to leverage social media analytics as a guide to amplify their marketing efforts and achieve their goals.
  • Facebook videos that are directly embedded get higher engagement rate than embedded YouTube videos. Post quality videos if you’re after increasing shares on your business page.
  • Run a giveaway, discount or rewards redemption campaign on Facebook or Instagram. Track the progress through data analytics and social media analytics tools and you’ll surely find an increase in terms of the number of likes, shares, and comments. People love freebies, prizes, and discounts. And running these types of campaigns provides a great opportunity to acquire more fans or followers, introduce a new product or receive feedback and testimonials.
  • Don’t forego using the hashtags on Instagram or tagging features on Facebook. This improves online visibility and brand awareness.
  • Post images via Instagram on Facebook. This increases interactions, encourages online onlookers to engage, and improves chances of converting curious followers into paying customers.
  • Shorten the description on the attached link. Not everyone on your social media circle have the patience to read a lengthy post. Leave all of the details on the link you attached on your post instead.

Incorporate these strategies into your marketing efforts on Facebook and Instagram, and track your progress through social media marketing analytics for better chances of online success. IRIS 365, a data management and business intelligence platform, is designed to help marketers make informed decisions by tracking social media data and actionable insights for deeper understanding of your target audience. Click here to learn more.