Brand marketers have long understood the significance of social media marketing in improving brand-consumer interaction. The importance of content marketing goes hand in hand with social media analytics, which provides a wealth of insights to brands. But many marketers lack the knowledge and tools necessary to conduct the process and market research efficiently. This is where IRIS365 comes into play.

IRIS365, a data management and business intelligence suite, comes equipped with digital tracking and data analytics tools that are designed to help clients make informed marketing decisions. These innovative tools help collate large social media statistics and data, draw strategic marketing analytics and insights, and measure ROI (return-on-investment).

social media analytics provides a wealth of insights to brands.

Importance of social media analytics

The digital age has transformed the way brands market their products and services. And among the most effective ways to have a deeper understanding of the consumer behaviours and garner feedback from your target audience is to use accurate social media analytics tools. By utilising these tools, you’ll be able to find out what your audience needs, know their take on your product or service, and provide solutions for them. Tapping into your audiences’ thoughts through social network analysis or website monitoring will help you improve your products or services and tailor them to meet their needs. In a nutshell, social media analytics provide plenty of opportunities for brands to further improve their marketing efforts and reach a wider audience.

What IRIS365 can offer

  • IRIS Performance Report

IRIS performance report includes monthly tracking of Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook analytics and performances. On top of that, media campaign, including Google, Facebook and YouTube, and web analytics and performance reports can also be provided on a monthly basis. These marketing reports help brands monitor the progress of their social media pages and digital marketing campaigns and gain insights on what their next steps should be.

  • IRIS Comparative Report

Think about how you can immensely improve your marketing efforts by tracking your competitors’ daily activities on various social media channels. Comparative report from IRIS365 provides information about your competitors’ performance on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. The benchmark tracking includes stats comparisons on hits and engagement of up to 2 main competitors of your choice.

  • IRIS Listening Report

Knowing your audiences’ reactions to your product or service enables you to come up with a strategy and solution to meet their needs. The listening report from IRIS365 covers trending topic, keyword and sentiment analysis, which allow brand marketers to discover what’s popular among their audience.

Still undecided on what type of IRIS report works well with your brand? IRIS365 can provide all these reports to help you gain insights, so you’ll know what next steps to take to further maximise customer engagement. Find out more about these reports by contacting us. We’ll be more than happy to help you out.