What’s the buzz about Instagram?

Instagram is a video and photo-sharing platform that enables users to upload content and share them to their followers. That is Instagram in a nutshell. But for most teens and millennials, Instagram is one of the most fun social media sites where they can easily document their day to day lives and give it a visual identity through beautifully filtered photos and curated feeds. Based on reports and social media statistics, over half of IG users are younger than 29, and 62% are teens. With its easy-to-use, interactive features, it is easy to see why Instagram is increasingly popular with younger age groups and millennials.

Recently acquired by Facebook, the popular social app has shown impressive figures over the years. For starters, it has already surpassed the 400 million user mark, and 73% of the users log in at least once a week and 49% check the platform on a daily basis.

Why Instagram analytics and social media marketing are beneficial for brands

To add to its already noteworthy numbers, social network analysis and reports state that Instagram has 58 times more unpaid interactions per post than its parent company, Facebook. And aside from its massive user base, which mainly consists of highly engaged and active users, Instagram comes equipped with enhanced tools for advertisers. The Instagram marketing and advertising tools include new formats and options to help brands grow followers and boost engagement. This might also make brands that shied away from Instagram and focused on other channels to actually consider IG as an effective platform to promote their products or services. Below are several marketing tips and guidelines to get you started on Instagram.

  • Improve engagement on Instagram by posting photos or videos that solicit strong reactions from the audience, be it uploading a photo with contest details to stir up users or an inspirational video clip that will catch the attention of your target audience.
  • Interact with your audience. If a user reacts or leaves a comment to your post, improve your online presence by leaving a reply. This is a great way to show potential customer appreciation and encourage other Instagram users to participate.
  • Monitor your brand’s mention and make sure to make full use of hashtags to participate in topics and widen your consumer reach.
  • Never underestimate the importance of Instagram analytics tools. Utilising these tools is an excellent way to measure the engagement and effectiveness of your posts.

IRIS 365 now offers Instagram analytics so you can get insights and take actions to boost engagement and grow followers.

The importance of Instagram analytics tools

Learning how your brand measures up on Instagram is crucial as it helps you gain insights into what exactly your target audience are looking for or what you can improve on. Using Instagram analytics tools helps you track and analyse engagement on your posts, obtain a market research so you can reach out to a wider audience, and pinpoint your top content.

For instance, IRIS 365, a data management and business intelligence platform, helps you acquire a deeper understanding of your audience and make informed marketing decisions by monitoring Instagram marketing analytics. If you’re interested to learn more, click here.